New wing cleat has very low profile

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The Aqualine Wing Cleat Mk II is one new addition to the C-Quip deck hardware range.

“Cast in 316 stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror finish it represents the exceptional level of quality that can be expected from C-Quip,” explained Lily Ross-Smith, field sales manager.

In its closed position the Mk II has a lower profile than the Aqualine Mk I – 57mm – giving the cleat a clean and sleek finish, with no visible fixings.

“In the open position, contouring and polishing of the inside of the cleat ensures a smooth run for mooring lines that avoids chafing,” added Lily.

The Aqualine Wing Cleat Mk II requires five holes for installation, two for the cast in sheer pins and three for the M16 studs.

A cast in recess allows for an uninterrupted sealant bead.

The Aqualine open and closed fairleads are another contemporary addition to any deck. As per the wing cleat, the fairleads are cast in 316 stainless steel and hand polished on all visible surfaces.

The bases are machine linished and have increased contact areas against the deck to spread the load.

The base has been designed to include a circular recess around the two M14 studs to allow for a comprehensive sealant bond.

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