New skipper insurance policy

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Pantaenius has introduced a new Skipper Third Party Liability policy aimed at those who skipper rented or chartered boats.

The policy will cover a skipper and crew for legal liabilities to third parties arising out of an accident whilst they are skippering a boat they do not own.

The policy comes into effect when the boat’s own liability insurance either does not exist or cannot be applied.

“Many skippers are not aware of their vulnerability to potentially sizeable liability claims,” said Simon Tonks, Pantaenius marketing and sales manager. “What may begin as an abrupt end to a charter trip could easily lead to significant financial problems for you as the skipper.”


The policy is a personal insurance with crew members also and considered co-insureds, with their liability for personal injury, death of the skipper or crew members covered.

The legal liabilities arising from the use of water sports equipment are also covered for both skipper and crew as is legal liability for accidental water pollution.

In addition to the coverage of liability claims, the policy also accounts for the wider consequences of an incident such as, the potential financial risk should future charters be disrupted or cancelled; the payment of a security deposit of up to £100,000.00 should the yacht be detained and the reasonable costs of investigating, handling and settling disputes as well as defending the skipper against unjustified claims.

The cover is valid worldwide and is available online to both private and commercial skippers who are UK residents.

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