New Saltwater Lures

AFTCO Digger
AFTCO Digger Jon Whittle

AFTCO Digger

Don’t be fooled. The AFTCO Digger looks like it should be trolled. That’s because trolling plugs with similar characteristics have caught plenty of wahoo, king mackerel and tuna over the years. But the Digger is definitely a casting plug, says AFTCO. Weighted specifically for long casts and sinking to desired depths, the lure excels when cranked or jerked for a dramatic side-to-side action. With oversize split rings and 4X hooks, feel confident casting this bait into the action. Starting at $22;

Z-Man Kicker CrabZ
Z-Man Kicker CrabZ Jon Whittle

Z-Man Kicker CrabZ

The Z-Man Kicker CrabZ imitates a side-stepping swimming crab with its kicker claw, segmented legs, eyes and antennae. The unique claw appendage replaces the common paddle tail found on many traditional soft baits. Retrieve the bait with a stop-and-go motion, or let it fall slowly. A handy hook pocket allows anglers to rig the bait weedless; Z-Man also offers its own Pro BulletZ, SnakelockZ and ChinlockZ jig heads to pair with the bait. The Kicker Crabz is made from Z-Man’s popular ElaZtech material. $4.99 for a three-pack;

MirrOlure Heavy Dine XL
MirrOlure Heavy Dine XL Jon Whittle

MirrOlure Heavy Dine XL

Fans of MirrOlure’s MirrOdine have enjoyed its darting, side-to-side movements that effectively imitate a wounded baitfish. Now they can get all that action in a larger size with the Heavy Dine XL, aka the 28MR. The new, heavier XL tips the scales at 58 ounces, sinking more quickly than its predecessors. Fish it over deep flats and deeper structure. More weight also allows for faster retrieves at depth, so you can stay in the strike zone longer. $10.49;

Berkley Cutter Saltwater and Yo-Zuri Hydro Monster Shot
Berkley Cutter Saltwater (top), Yo-Zuri Hydro Monster Shot (bottom) Jon Whittle

Berkley Cutter Saltwater

If you haven’t noticed, Berkley has been on a tear lately, introducing a host of new saltwater baits. One worth checking out is the Cutter Saltwater lipped plug. This suspending jerkbait imitates small baitfish common in most coastal rivers and bays. The 3.5-inch, 12-ounce lure produces erratic movements and flash when twitched, jerked, ripped or even retrieved steadily. With a shallow-slant bill, the bait is a perfect option for 3- to 5-foot depths. Available in 14 colors. $9.99;

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Shimano Shimmerfall, Rapala X-Rap Magnum Stick, 13 Fishing Ladyfish
Shimano Shimmerfall (top), Rapala X-Rap Magnum Stick (middle), 13 Fishing Ladyfish (bottom) Jon Whittle

Yo-Zuri Hydro Monster Shot

If the dominant bait in your region is sand eels, sardines, ballyhoo or spearing, pick up Yo-Zuri’s new Hydro Monster Shot. This heavily weighted stickbait falls in a horizontal posture to reach depths of 100 feet but can also deliver a topwater presentation on demand. Depending on your retrieve, it offers a wide wobble, a sharp darting action, or skips on the surface. Through-wire construction and 3X treble hooks stand up to tuna. Available in seven color patterns and four sizes. Starting at $11.99;

Shimano Shimmerfall

Anglers looking to deep-jig for bottomfish or pelagics alike should look to Shimano’s new Shimmerfall. The slim jig cuts quickly through the water to get to the ideal depth quickly, making the most of fast drift conditions or minimizing the commute to the deepest haunts. Tapered edges make the jig dance with minimal effort for aggressive strikes and all-day sessions. Through-wire construction ensures that the jig will stand up to whatever decides to eat it. Starting at $11.99;

Rapala X-Rap Magnum Stick 

The Rapala X-Rap Magnum Stick is meant to be thrown at bluewater brutes. Measuring nearly 7 inches long, this lipless plug swims in wide, pronounced S-curves on a steady retrieve. Offshore plugs need to cast far, and the Magnum Stick gets it done with an internal weight system that also allows the bait to fall head-down on the drop. Heavy-duty through-wire construction plus a reinforced tail section fix weak points found on cheaper offshore lures. Eight color patterns offered. $29.99;

13 Fishing Ladyfish

Saltwater swimbaits just reached a whole different level with the 13 Fishing Ladyfish. The 8-inch-long ladyfish imitation pairs best with a 10/0 or 12/0 weighted screw-lock hook. A nose anchor was incorporated into the soft bait for durable rigging, while a boot tail design keeps the bait swimming true. The Ladyfish shines at the surface or off the bottom, depending on retrieval speed and weight of the hook. Snook and tarpon fishermen will want to get their hands on this one. $27.99;

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