New Ripl Hub from Brunswick Corp Offers Digital Platform for Boaters to Connect Digitally


Brunswick Corporation announced the recent launch of its new digital platform Ripl Hub that helps Brunswick’s Ripl 4,500-member community and marine enthusiasts connect to leverage boating knowledge and resources.

“We are passionate about making real-time connections with our consumers and creating a space for all boaters to participate. It’s been incredibly rewarding to cultivate a community where new and experienced boaters can connect, learn, offer invaluable insights, and share stories from their time on the water,” says Lauren Beckstedt, chief marketing officer, Brunswick Corporation.

Through Ripl Hub, boaters can access a variety of content created exclusively for the Ripl community, join community chats that facilitate user-led discussions in Boating Advice, Boating Lifestyle and Product Chat, and access additional resources like the Ripl Blog, Ripl Insider Video Series with industry experts and tv personalities, virtual and in-person Ripl Events and Ripl Chats.

The Ripl Hub is open to all marine enthusiasts. To learn more, visit