New female clip from Fastmount

The new PC-SVMX is compatible with female clips in the Fastmount range

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Hidden panel fastener manufacturer, Fastmount, has introduced a new heavy-duty clip with a screw fixing to its standard range, aimed at further simplifying the interior panel installation process in the superyacht and production yacht markets.

The new PC-SVMX is compatible with all other female clips in the standard range.

“The PC-SVMX was an essential addition to the standard range, knowing that it would easily service both the architectural and marine industries,” said Gregg Kelly, MD and head of innovation at Fastmount. “We see this clip being used on large ceiling panels with the PC-SF1 female clip for a simple screw-fix installation, with the peace of mind of an extra-heavy duty 15kg pull out load per clip set. The beauty of a screw fix is that it can be attached to almost any type of panel.”

It has a 15kg pull out load and 100kg shear load and is suitable for installing heavier removable wall panels and ceiling panels without visible fixings.

The clip takes on the qualities of Fastmount’s PC-VMX clip, including a sturdy head shape and strong shear load and removes the self-tapping base in favour of three screw holes, for installation without special tools.

It can be installed without the need for the red CT-01ST centrepoint tool, typically used for panel to wall alignment, due to a self-centring point on the back face.

Panels can be pre-fabricated with pre-drilled screw holes, ready for clip installation.

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