New Donzi 39 VRZ Spied On The Pamlico River Ahead Of Miami Debut

New Donzi 39 VRZ Spied On The Pamlico River Ahead Of Miami Debut

Charged with revitalizing the famed Donzi Marine brand of sportboats and center consoles, marine industry veteran Craig Barrie and his team plan to have the Washington, N.C., company release five new models—including a smaller, outboard-engine-powered version of the famed 38 ZRC—in the next two years. That’s a lofty target, for sure, but with the upcoming unveiling of the new 39 VRZ center console during the upcoming Miami International Boat Show, Barrie, Pete Caldwell at Caldwell Marine Designs, company owner Fred Ross and the entire Donzi team will be one step closer to achieving it.

During an early test session, the new Donzi 39 VRZ center console reached almost 75 mph with triple 300-hp outboards on its transom.

Powered by triple Mercury Racing 300R outboard engines, the 39-footer will be displayed in One Herald Plaza behind the Venetian Marina Yacht Club during the February 15-19 event.

Fans of the brand will recall that Donzi once had a 38-foot center console in its line-up. The new 39-footer isn’t just larger, it was designed with a more open layout from cockpit to bow.

“We redid the whole boat from what it was before,” said Barrie. “The hull changed and a pad was added to the back of it, for one thing.

“The 39 VRZ has new features for the ‘Z series, starting with the little twist on the hull bottom so the boat can carry itself with less wetted surface,” he continued. “The deck has been designed to have 80 percent of its seating built into its mold—there are no additional parts to glass in. The console was expanded and redesigned to handle two 24-inch monitors, and the shifter-and-throttle controls are built into the seat bolster, offshore raceboat-style.”

Among the more-welcome additions to the model, Barrie explained, is a “Wicker Bill Exhale” feature in the center console’s hardtop, which incorporates a full windshield and wind wings.

“The feature cuts down most of the ‘parachute effect’ that some center-console hardtops create,” he said.

The 39 VRZ’s second row of bolsters can be ordered to accommodate two or three passengers. But what makes for the 39-footer’s uncommonly open layout in the cockpit, according to Barrie, is its split transom. That enables the builder to add two-person, forward-facing port and starboard benches that convert to lounges.

In testing so far with 900-hp worth of outboard engines, the center console has reached 74.8 mph.

“Donzi is a boutique brand,” said Barrie “And the performance-boat niche is strong and will only grow in the coming years.”

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