New controller allows LEDs to be dimmed

The BOLT 320 is part of the Savage Lighting Zeus range

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Savage Marine’s BOLT 320 is an integrated lighting control system primarily designed for the control and dimming of LEDs.

The system has been specifically designed for the marine industry to be easy to install, easy to configure and easy to operate.

Features of the controller include four 0-10V industry standard dimming channels, direct connection of LEDs with inbuilt drivers or external 0-10V compatible drivers and in-built wi-fi for stand-alone set up or conventional ethernet connection.

There is also an input for emergency lighting for automatic switching to an emergency supply and lighting scene.

Control modules

“The controller supports emergency lighting and provides real time scene and mood settings,” explained Matt Faulks, senior sales manager for Savage Marine.

“The system includes control modules for integration with third-party systems and it also allows users to set the trim of the LED meaning no more flickering when the lights are dimed below a certain level.”

The system has an incoming DC range from 12V to 28V and supports up to six Zeus Connect switches per controller.

The BOLT 320 is part of the Savage Lighting Zeus range and has been developed in collaboration with Crest Systems.

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