New 15kW variable speed generator

Mase Generators launched its Variable Speed range last year

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Mase Generators has introduced several new products to its range including the latest variable speed generators and lithium batteries.

The company introduced its variable speed (VS) generators last year and now has launched a 15.5 15kW model.

And the Mariner and Intercooler System range has been updated with the new Stage V engines.

“The company is carrying out an important renewal of its range of generators and has started the development of new systems for the production and use of energy on board on pleasure and professional boats, both for powering electric utilities and for propulsion with electric engines,” explained spokesman Maurizio Bulleri.

Reduced consumption

“The use of new technologies has made it possible to create systems capable of reducing consumption and environmental impact, as well as reducing costs.”

In addition, there is a new Mase Mild Hybrid system composed of special super chargers and lithium batteries.

The system is capable of rapidly accumulating and carefully managing the energy on board to offer extended periods with the generators turned off, added Maurizio, providing greater comfort and eliminating emissions.

The new Super Charger range for lithium batteries consists of three models 48V, 220V and 400V with maximum charge currents of 115, 40 and 20Ah.

“Today, more than ever, Mase Generators is looking for new products and technologies for the production of energy on board and for the propulsion of boats and this important challenge is only at the beginning,” said Maurizio.

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