MTI Delivers MTI-V 50 to M. Todd Chartier at LOTO Shootout

One person attending last week’s LOTO Shootout was especially stoked to be in attendance: M. Todd Chartier, whose MTI-V 50 was delivered during the event. Chartier, who already owned one of MTI’s 390X catamarans, has been a longtime fan of center consoles (having owned several by another builder). But after attending an MTI Fun Run at Florida’s Hawk’s Cay, he was offered a demo ride on the very first MTI-V 50 by company President Randy Scism, and Chartier was ready to order his second MTI.

“I’d owned my last center console for two years, and basically, I upgrade my boats every two to three years,” he explains. “We bought the 390X cat as a day boat, and when I demoed the 50, I thought, ‘Oh my God, I gotta have one of these.’ And Randy is one hell of a salesman.”

Chartier, an environmental contractor who lives about 30 miles north of Detroit, originally hoped to have the center console completed in time for the Boyne Thunder Poker Run in July. But when he learned that it wouldn’t be ready until August, he took the 390X to Boyne instead. “It really worked out for the best,” he says. “I’m glad we had the 50′ at LOTO, because it was incredibly hot and humid there. We had not owned a center console in more than a year, and we really missed it. My wife, Heidi, and the other girls on board appreciated having the cabin and the bathroom to change in and keep cool in. Plus, this was my first time at LOTO, so picking up the 50′ there made it really memorable. Obviously, MTI does a great job with their deliveries, so it was awesome.”

Chartier checked all the boxes when designing his 50′: powered by quintuple Mercury Racing 450R outboards, the boat sports a spacious and luxurious cabin with all of the creature comforts (including an enclosed bathroom), premium sound system, Seakeeper motion-control technology, and two rows of bolster seating at the center console with a large sunpad seating area in the back. In addition, there are some excellent features for passengers in the bowrider section, including a large Garmin screen built into the front, and a special riser pad that transforms into either a table or an additional sun pad.

Another really cool thing about the 50′ is that it replicates the paint scheme of his 390X, with the same blue/white/orange colors. The Chartiers worked with MTI’s in-house designer Wes Jones to utilize the same colors and come up with a similar motif.

“We love the cabin—it’s very plush,” he says. “We wanted the Seakeeper because the lake can occasionally be rough and challenging. We’ve got a diesel generator and air conditioning down in the cabin to bring some good circulation, so it doesn’t get hot and stuffy.” Chartier also raves about the boat’s performance: “The handling and speed is just tremendous. It’s a game-changer, it really is.”

Working with MTI has been a singular delight, he says. “The Scisms are just a great family. They never say no. They tell you what you’re going to get, and I couldn’t wait to get it. I’m incredibly satisfied. This is the beginning of a new chapter of my life.”

Check out this slide show below of this stunning MTI-V 50.

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