Michigan Clean Marina Program Announces Four New Certifications, Five Recertifications

Michigan Clean Marina Program Announces Four New Certifications, Five Recertifications


The Michigan Clean Marina Program has certified four new Michigan marinas as Michigan Clean Marinas for a term of three years, and recertified five marinas with the prestigious certification for an additional five year term.

“We welcome Hall’s Sport Center – Grand Haven, Land’s End Marine – Harrison Twp, Unriehl Marina – New Baltimore, and Wyandotte Marina – Wyandotte to the Clean Marina Program, and we commend Presque Isle State Harbor, Hammond Bay State Harbor, Straits State Harbor, Pine Lake Marina, and Manitou Beach Marina for their continuation of following best practices,” says Nicki Polan, executive director of the Michigan Boating Industries Association. “More boaters are becoming aware of the program and are searching out these facilities as places they want to patronize.”

Ninety-eight Michigan marinas currently hold the Clean Marina certification, which marks facilities as exemplary environmental stewards, and requires marinas to voluntarily pledge to maintain and improve Michigan’s waterways by reducing or eliminating releases of harmful substances and phasing out practices that can damage aquatic environments. 

Marinas receive training and certification criteria that address key topics such as siting considerations, marina design and management, stormwater management, boat maintenance and repair, petroleum control, aquatic invasive species, sewage handling, waste containment, disposal and recycling, and laws and regulations.  

 “Marinas like these and the many others who participate in this disciplined program show they are aware of and practice good environmental and business stewardship practices” adds Mark Breederland, Michigan Sea Grant extension educator and chair of the Michigan Clean Marina Foundation Board. “The program is a win-win by implementing and certifying on-the-dock practices to minimize potential pollution and encouraging boaters to also take good care of the water and within the marina.” 

To learn more, visit michiganseagrant.org/michigan-clean-marina-program/.

Source: https://lakelandboating.com/michigan-clean-marina-program-announces-four-new-certifications-five-recertifications/

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