Marlow Yachts Celebrates Owners with Its 26th Spring Rendezvous

Marlow Yachts Celebrates Owners with Its 26th Spring Rendezvous

Marlow Marine Cruising Club’s 26th Annual Spring Rendezvous

Isn’t it fun to gather with a group of boaters and celebrate how the boating lifestyle is so enjoyable? Not only the excitement of it all, but the stories that come from cruising, from the trials and tribulations of making sure things are in order…and work…to sharing design ideas, recipes, and destination experiences. For a prospective buyer, the information from current Marlow owners is priceless. It can make or break the decision and from what I saw at the 26th Annual Marlow Marine Cruising Club’s (MMCC) Spring Rendezvous at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida, the commitment is contagious. 

Speaking with a couple who made that commitment two months ago, it was the research, the boat shows, the online videos, and talking with other owners that helped make their decision. They looked at other boats, even toured other shipyards, but in the end, “Some of the things, to me, with the Marlow is the speed, that was a big factor, to have that speed capability,” he says. “And then the draft; the draft was a big factor, too, because it was much shallower than those slower trawler types. And then just the look of it, it just really looks nice and clean…classic.”

One of the biggest benefits I heard from owners was the ample room, not only in the accommodations below (I was impressed with the more than generous headroom), but also in the engine room. You can access both sides of the engines without squatting or ducking or squeezing between equipment. 

But the real purpose of this annual event was to reconnect with old friends and welcome new ones as they participate in a bevy of activities.

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After a welcome dinner party on opening night Thursday, Friday included morning discussions with Ring Power and Caterpillar engines, Blue Water Desalination, MPI and an update on Internet access while on board, and Dockmate’s latest positioning system. 

The afternoon had teams golf carting their way on a scavenger hunt or crews who wanted to try their hand at a cooking class that featured crab cakes, Ocean Reef Club Yellowtail Snapper with Sherry Caper Butter, and the Club’s signature Key Lime Pie—recipes included. 

Saturday continued with sponsor seminars from CMC Marine and the Yacht Group to a Marlow Yachts Q&A from the powers that be. The annual rendezvous isn’t complete without christening the latest builds to avoid the wrath of Neptune.

Each night concluded with a very active dinner party, especially Friday night’s “I Grew Up in the 19__’s” costume gala. From the ’50s through the ’80s, the classic styles were on full display. This year’s best costume winner went to the Swinsons with bell bottoms, heels, big hair (and that was his outfit) and her colorful paisley dress with boots made for walking. 

It was a fantastic weekend, and by the closing awards dinner, everyone felt part of the family. That’s what is so special about Marlow. From the floor in the yard to the person making sure your yacht is everything you expected, it’s the caring, compassion, and love for the boat that makes choosing a Marlow an easy decision.  

-by Steve Davis

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