Low Pay Commission extends deadline

Adam Bernstein is a freelance financial journalist

The Low Pay Commission (LPC) has amended its consultation on seeking evidence to inform its recommendations for the 2021 national minimum wage rates to ‘make clear the LPC would continue to accept written evidence beyond the deadline’ of Thursday 4 June 2020, writes Adam Bernstein

Coronavirus — HSE guidance, enforcement and social distancing at work

The Health and Safety Executive has said it will look closely at concerns about social distancing and coronavirus to secure compliance with the law. It has made clear that duty holders have a responsibility to protect workers and others against the risk of coronavirus infection in the workplace.

Since the coronavirus crisis hit, the HSE appears to be trying to get across a message that it understands these are difficult times for duty holders and that while they adapt it will adopt a ‘flexible and proportionate’ approach to enforcement.

CMA investigation into misleading online reviews

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched an investigation into a number of major websites to see whether they are adequately protecting consumers from fake and misleading reviews. The investigation will look at how the websites detect, investigate and respond to the fake or misleading reviews.

The CMA will review issues such as suspicious reviews, i.e. where a single user reviewed an unlikely range of products or services; whether the presentation of reviews is being manipulated by businesses i.e. by combining positive reviews for one product with reviews for another; and the handling of reviews by the websites where the reviewer has received payment or another incentive to review the product.

EURid updates its Brexit notice concerning the treatment of .eu domain names

EURid has updated its Brexit notice, setting out the plan and amended timetable for the treatment of .eu domain registrations affected by the UK leaving the EU. Following the transition period, those failing to meet the eligibility criteria (UK undertakings or organisations established in the UK but not in the EU, UK citizens who are not resident of an EU Member State and UK residents who are not EU citizens), will not be eligible to hold a .eu domain name. The updated notice sets out the enforcement measures that EURid will take with respect to both new and existing .eu domain registrations.

The EU has also issued a Notice for Readiness for .eu domain names, setting out the legal situation for stakeholders after the end of the transition period, which can be viewed on ec.europa.eu and searching for ‘Getting ready for the end of the transition period’.

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