Latest fabric is 15% lighter

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The latest generation of Gill’s Ocean Jacket is now 15% lighter than when it was first introduced due to improvements in fabric technology.

The fabric still uses four-layer technology, which the company points out is the best option to prevent too much build-up of water vapour within the garment and also fully protect wearers from the external elements.

“The customer is demanding that our product is lighter but still durable; it moves with the pace of the sailing and they don’t want to be hindered in anyway by their kit,” said Matt Clark, product development director. “Quick and easy venting and a focus on the athleticism of sailing is a big focus.”


In addition to the main fabric amends Gill has improved its marine grade Solas approved reflectives to have photoluminescent properties, increased the amount of reflective material and high visibility accents, particularly around the collar area and used a lighter, more flexible fabric on the elbows.

When it comes to the trousers, the same fabric technology has been used as on the jacket but with the addition of a stretch mesh upper back for comfort and repositioned pockets.

“There is ever more sailing product on the market,” added Matt. “Customers want to look good, product to last longer and they are thinking more about their carbon footprint.”

In addition, said Matt, the sailing market is getting more confident with colour, with more people willing to accept a wider pallet.

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