Latest battery chemistries used

The new Lifos 105Ah battery incorporates the latest battery chemistries

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Solar Technology has added a larger model to its Lifos range of lightweight lithium batteries.

The 105Ah model is suitable for boats with electric propulsion or as a leisure battery on a yacht connected to a solar panel.

It has the equivalent power of a 200Ah lead acid battery and it has a life expectancy that is seven times longer, explained Caroline Rawlinson, Solar Technology PR and marketing manager.

“As a result, the cost per charging cycle is up to 40% lower than a traditional lead acid battery,” she said. “Plus, at just 11.9kg, it is a quarter of the weight and a third smaller in size (328 x 177 x 218mm).”

Charging times

The battery uses LiFePO4 – lithium iron phosphate – the latest in battery chemistries, added Caroline, so is safe and clean with no risk of gassing so it can even be used on its side.

Up to four Lifos batteries can be connected together in parallel or series to increase current or voltage.

As with the Lifos 68Ah, the new 105 version comes with a built-in battery management system to protect the battery from deep discharging and speed up charging times.

Monitoring the state of charge in the battery can be carried out via a free to download Apple or android Bluetooth-enabled app.

Once connected to a smart device, the app will also send users a reminder to put Lifos on charge once the battery has been discharged to 30%, further helping to prolong the battery’s life.

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