Kayaking in the Pristine Waters of Nantucket

Pristine Waters of Nantucket

Nantucket, MA, is a small island but has a big reputation for being a leading vacation destination on the East Coast.

It has over 82 miles of coastline and beautiful beaches, wildlife refuges, protected natural lands, perfectly preserved pre-civil war historic buildings, and some of the best restaurants and boutiques in New England.

It attracts surfers, kite boarders, and other watersports lovers and is a top destination for kayaking of all experience levels and ages as well.

Options for Kayaking in Nantucket 

The island is 30 miles south of Cape Cod and borders the calmer and warmer Nantucket Sound on the north and the open Atlantic on the other coasts. So, you can pick the shoreline depending on your skill level.

Keep in mind that the sea and weather conditions on the island and its coastline can change abruptly at any moment.

But, this dreamy island also has some beautiful sheltered and calm ponds, which are more suitable and recommended for families or inexperienced kayakers as well.

The Best Spots for Kayaking in Nantucket

Here are some of the top-preferred ponds and places to enjoy safe and fun kayaking when in Nantucket. You can even look for available short-term residences for your stay on the island, which are near your preferred spot for kayaking.

The Nantucket Harbor

Although kayaking in the freshwater ponds on the island is a much safer and better option for inexperienced kayakers and families with children, the Nantucket Harbor is an excellent place for some paddling, even if you are a beginner.

The water is calm and sheltered, and even though there is some boat traffic, the harbor is large enough to enjoy some paddling, even if you are a newbie.

You can admire the view of the waterfront, Brant Point Lighthouse, and the super yachts. If you are more adventurous, you can paddle up to the Nantucket Sound and Jetties Beach.

For the more experienced kayakers, we recommend a trip to the Coatue beaches, part of the wildlife refuge, and a beautiful place to explore and relax.

Coskata Pond

This tidal pond is located in the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge and is a tidal pond surrounded by a salt marsh and an oak forest.

The pond is separated from the ocean via a stunning barrier beach.

The easiest way to reach the pond is by paddling from Polpis Harbor. You will pass by the salt marsh and can enjoy bird watching and the beautiful panoramic views.

Please check the tidal conditions of the pond before heading there, and remember to pack some bug spray, food, and drinks for the trip.

Long Pond

This is one of the famous Massachusetts Great Ponds and is an excellent place for kayaking or fishing, and boating.

This freshwater pond is 132 acres in size and is located on the western side of Nantucket. The Long Pond is surrounded by wetlands and is a place where you can see diverse wild animals and birds.

Since the water is only 4-6 feet deep, the pond is an excellent place for novice kayakers and kids.

There is a popular 1.25-mile walking trail – the Long Pond Trail, which goes around the pond if you feel like taking a walk in the beautiful wilderness.

Hummock Pond

This is a coastal pond located in southeastern Nantucket. It is about 142 acres in size, has a length of 2.3 miles, and it is 6 feet deep.

This sizable coastal pond on the southwest of the island is around 2.3 miles long, an average of 6ft deep, and approximately 142 acres in size.

It is a quiet and protected area, a preferred spot for migrating birds, so you can spot some of them while you paddle through its calm waters.

Sesachacha Pond

This is a remote pond in the northeastern part of the island and a perfect place to spend a relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle and the crowds in town.

The kettle pond is separated from the open ocean by the stunning Quidnet Beach.

Keep in mind that this is the deepest pond in Nantucket, and its two deep basins on the southern and northern ends can reach a depth of 15-18 feet.

But the water is still. There are no power boats to worry about, and the place is lovely.

Renting a Kayak in Nantucket

You can rent a kayak from one of the several kayak and sailing rentals. Two of the most popular ones are located on the western end of Nantucket Harbor. There is another sailing rental on Jetties beach, where you can rent a kayak, SUP, double kayak, or sailboat. There are private and group lessons offered, as well as guided paddling tours around the island as well.

You can get your kayak from the rentals, or it can be delivered to you at the preferred spot for paddling.

If you are lucky, your rental residence or hotel may offer a complimentary kayak for its guests.

Final Words

Nantucket, MA, is a picturesque island that can be explored on foot, by bike, or, even better, by sea.

Paddling is popular on the island, especially in the beautiful and safe ponds.

Nantucket Harbor is the safest place for kayaking if you want to paddle through the sea.

For the adventurous, there are various coasts and beaches where you can enjoy some paddling and surf kayaking in the open ocean waters.

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