IWA responds to latest HS2 plans

The Coventry Canal Photo: Roger Kidd/Geograph

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The Inland Waterways Association (IWA) has responded to the government’s latest HS2 Phase 2b consultation, saying changes have brought additional impacts and earlier concerns remain unresolved.

The IWA response was submitted to the latest consultation on design refinement proposals for Phase 2b, Crewe to Manchester and West Midlands to Leeds, which closed on 6 September. The proposed changes affect the Coventry Canal, the Erewash Canal, the unrestored Nottingham Canal and the Aire & Calder Navigation.

IWA response

IWA have asked that a proposed access road at Polesworth on the Coventry Canal be set back and that access to the moorings at Pooley Country Park be maintained.  The association has also reiterated the need for more noise-reduction fencing on the viaduct and embankment.

At Stanton Gate on the Erewash Canal a change of route to avoid diverting the M1 means the motorway bridge will no longer ned to be demolished and replaced. However, because there will be a new road bridge, an auto-transformer section needs screening and concerns about the height of the viaduct, the design of its two canal crossings and the need for noise protection remain.

Although the Nottingham Canal at Trowell is abandoned it forms part of a long distance footpath and nature reserve. There are concerns that the new HS2 route will sever this with a deep cutting and IWA has asked for an aqueduct to ensure the continuity of the towpath and water supply.

The Aire & Calder navigation will be affected by moving the route onto a viaduct from Woodlesford to Rodhill Corner and IWA has asked that the viaduct piers should not narrow this commercial navigation and that noise barriers are erected.

The full response can be found at the IWA website.

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