Introducing the new BRP Rotax S engine

Introducing the new BRP Rotax S engine

Hidden Horsepower

BRP’s Rotax S outboard features stealth technology.

Every inch of onboard space is precious, especially on boats less than 20 feet. Traditional outboard motors entered as marvels of space-saving design when introduced by Ole Evinrude in 1909. Now, BRP’s new Rotax S Outboard Engine with Stealth Technology takes space-saving to greater extremes.

The Rotax S, available in 115- and 150-horsepower configurations, is hidden, quiet, and efficient, and still offers the benefits of a traditional outboard. It’s more affordable than an inboard and provides excellent performance and easy maintenance.

“We designed this engine around the boat to ensure that all components work together in perfect harmony,” says James Heintz, BRP’s global product strategy director, marine. “The boat configuration has been optimized for the Rotax S engine, including the hull. For example, Manitou pontoons equipped with the Rotax S outboard engine and MAX Deck unlock thirty-eight square feet of additional usable space, meaning more comfort and more possibilities for recreation at the stern.”

Rotax S – Putting Ideas to Work

Development of these new boats, leveraging Rotax S outboard engine technology, began in April 2019. Seventeen people contributed to the brainstorming sessions and more than 400 ideas were generated.

“It’s stealthy because this engine was designed not to be seen or felt and to deliver a truly integrated boat package,” Heintz says. “In addition to liberating that valuable stern space from traditional outboard engine blocks and rigging, the Rotax Stealth Technology is also smooth and quiet at any speed.”

Power steering, focused motor mounts, and fly-by-wire shift/throttle come standard. With no outboard engine block, rigging, fuel lines, or exposed propeller hanging off the transom, swimmers can fully enjoy the new stern space and a safe transition to the water. 

“In terms of efficiency, advanced direct-injection technology allows for up to twenty percent improved fuel efficiency compared to traditional outboard engines,” says Heintz. “That means twenty percent more time on the water, and twenty percent less money at the pump.”

Easy to Maintain

BRP reports that the Rotax S is the cleanest combustion outboard engine in its class, with a 12 percent reduction in reportable emissions and a 98 percent reduction in carbon monoxide at idle compared to leading outboard engine brands.

“Boaters will enjoy easy maintenance with inspections only needed annually,” Heintz says. “There is no scheduled maintenance required for the first five years or five hundred hours. It requires no oil changes, and one-touch winterization helps extend the boating season and avoid pricey service bills. What’s more, the rigging center (oil fill, battery, and NMEA connections) is now integrated into the boat for easy access.”

The Rotax S package is available on Alumacraft boats and Manitou pontoons in North America, and is saltwater ready. 

New and Improved

For the 2023 model year, the new Alumacraft Competitor and Alumacraft Trophy models feature a new look, with improved angling versatility and more usable space for fishing and recreation. The continuous and positive curved gunwale is a new Alumacraft signature look and is available in four lengths: 175X, 185X, 195X, and 205X. 

Both the Competitor and Alumacraft models come with an injection-molded console design, configurable windshield, digital integration, and re-engineered bow for anglers to catch all the action happening underwater.

Purposefully built for improved functionality and efficiency, the Alumacraft’s MAX Deck platform wraps around the engine to extend the transom for more standing room and water access at the stern. The Rotax S and MAX Deck combo provides 25 square feet of additional, uninterrupted space compared to traditional outboard-powered boats.

“Innovation is part of BRP’s DNA,” Heintz says. “We are continuously designing innovative products and incorporating our philosophy of developing great functionality and ergonomics.” 

-by Doug Thompson

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