Innovative floating systems from Seafloatech

Seafloatech’s POD is an environmentally-friending floating system Photo: Seafloatech

Earlier this year Seafloatech launched an innovative system which allows for the construction of floating systems to create collective moorings, artificial beaches, restaurants and housing as well as having applications in the military.

With a low ecological footprint, the Seafloatech POD has won the MARIN HIGH-TECH Trophy for Innovation 2019 and Coup de Coeur Trophy in the Innovation Competition at the Paris Boat Show 2019.

The POD connects to sea, lake and riverbeds using an ecological system (anchors, screws, sealing) and comprises a mast articulated at its base, which pistons in its upper part to minimise the effects of the tide.


Unlike the traditional way of construction which carries a significant cost in terms of renovating marinas and ports and destroys the marine environment and coasts, the POD has no impact on flora and fauna and is easy to install or remove.

Following its launch, Seafloatech signed a commercial cooperation agreement with Perfect Moorings to promote the floating modules and develop new projects in France and Italy.

Lionel Pean, president of Seafloatech, was reported in Marine Business World as saying “Seafloatech, developer of innovative solutions designed to accompany the change in coastal uses while respecting the challenges of ecology, safety and the need to rationalise marine spaces, has naturally approached Perfect Moorings to complete their offer in these new markets.”

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