Iconic Hinckley Picnic Boat Now Offers SilentJet Technology

Hinckley Yachts Picnic Boat 40 S is the quietest boat on the water thanks to a new hybrid upgrade incorporating SilentJet technology which allows the boat to run in virtually full silence.

“With SilentJet, you glide away from the dock and cruise through the harbor in total silence,” says Scott Bryant, Hinckley’s vice president of sales and marketing. “When faster speeds are desired or the battery requires charging, the diesel engine comes on automatically, replenishing the battery in just 30-45 minutes. Since all the electrical loads on the Picnic Boat can be supported by the battery while at anchor, there’s no need for a noisy generator. It’s a complete paradigm shift in the onboard Hinckley Experience.”

With SilentJet engaged, the 40 S runs at a cruising speed of 7 knots with a range of at least an hour, or cruises at 35 knots under diesel power.

To learn more, visit hinckleyyachts.com.

Source: https://lakelandboating.com/iconic-hinckley-picnic-boat-now-offers-silentjet-technology/