Humphree Releases New Lightning Interceptor Trim & Stabilizer System


Humphree unveiled its newest Lightning interceptor trim and stabilizer system at IBEX in Tampa, Florida on September 27. Engineered for easy installation and featuring built-in WRGB underwater lights that can be controlled externally, the all-in-one system improves performance and comfort on board, and can be installed in boats 25-45 feet, regardless of propulsion type. 

“Today, everybody wants to feel comfortable the whole time they are on the water. Owners are demanding a stabilized ride in smaller and smaller boats,” explains Sean Berrie, CEO of Humphree. “As a result, our boatbuilding customers have been asking us for an interceptor system that is engineered and priced specifically for the production-powerboat industry. We answered that call with Lightning – a revolutionary new interceptor that not only stabilizes smaller boats while under way, but also replaces the trim-tab system and saves OEMs the cost and time of installing underwater lights.”

The Lightening comes in two sizes adaptable to a variety of hull shapes, and the compact interceptor unit is installed on either side of the hull below the water line. Available in a variety of packages that feature auto trim, auto list, coordinated turn and roll stabilization, the Lightening also includes a newly-designed mounting bracket, 3.5-inch digital control panel with touchscreen, and built-in GPS.

“Humphree’s new Lightning system can help boaters save fuel and improve safety whenever they leave the dock,” Berrie adds. “And when the water gets rough, it will give them a much more stable, comfortable ride, lifting their overall boating experience to a new level.”

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