Hubbell, Ward’s celebrate 60 years of collaboration

Hubbell Marine Electrical Products and Ward’s Marine Electric are celebrating their 60th anniversary. This collaboration is marked with a strong distributor relationship, manufacturing partnership and shared desire to improve the marine electrical experience.

Ward’s Marine Electric was founded in 1950 by Ward Eshleman Sr. It has remained a family-owned south Florida business known for marine electrical engineering, surveying, refit and repair; yacht and dockside power distribution system manufacturing, sales and rental; and panelboard and switchgear design and fabrication. Ward’s is also a leading supplier of electrical equipment, including Hubbell Marine isolation transformers, shore power cables, adapters and marina power pedestals.

The paths of Hubbell and Ward’s crossed in the 1960s, after the marine industry lobbied the city of Fort Lauderdale to make overnight stays at city-owned docks possible by adding electrical service, thus enhancing the local economy. Hubbell and Ward’s worked together to bring ship to shore power solutions to south Florida and across the nation.

Hubbell was ideal for the project, with its history in marine electrical product innovations stretching back to the 1930s. At the time, the two companies worked on state-of-the-art 15-amp dockside power solutions for the city. Now, that expertise routinely expands to 100-amp and 200-amp projects on yachts that travel the world.

Collaboration on marine electrical service systems and products continued over the years as the industry evolved, with Ward’s becoming a Hubbell distributor in 1983. More recently, the relationship has expanded to Ward’s providing design, engineering and co-manufacturing of Hubbell Marine isolation transformers and power adapters, as well as its new line of high-end marina power pedestals.

“The applications expertise of Ward’s Marine Electric has been invaluable to Hubbell’s marine business growth and product development over the past 60 years. Their reputation for excellence and expertise on larger yacht projects, especially, has continued to help grow our business relationship. Hubbell is proud to celebrate this anniversary with the Ward’s team,” said Anthony Miceli, Hubbell strategic account manager.

“Hubbell’s commitment to supplying quality products supports our business cornerstones of safety, reliability and depth of resources. That we’ve worked with a company as large as Hubbell for 60 years speaks volumes to the trust and mutual respect we’ve developed, to the benefit of our shared customers,” said Kristina Hebert, Ward’s Marine Electric president and CEO.

As part of 60th anniversary promotional efforts, Hubbell will co-exhibit within Ward’s booth at two upcoming Florida events: Palm Beach International Boat Show, March 23–26 in booth 921, and at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, October 25–29.