How to Start Fishing as a Beginner

How to Start Fishing as a Beginner

Fishing can be a great outdoor activity bringing you a lot of joy. Being in nature and relaxing in the process can be really beneficial. However, if you are a beginner, you might not know where to start. While fishing is not that hard, you might need some advice as a newbie. We consulted with enthusiasts and prepared the article to help you start your fishing adventure.

Start Simple 

Remember that to start you don’t need to go over the top. Fishing can be a very advanced activity, but instead of burying yourself with too much information, keep it simple. You can start with learning the most important things such as how to bait your hook and how to tie a knot. With time and practice, you can add a little more knowledge and expand your fishing skills. 

Find a Good Fishing Spot

Explore nearby waterways to find a great spot for fishing. Make sure the spot has an easily accessible shoreline. When you have a convenient place to go with good access and not too far from home, it is more likely you will stick with this activity. You can choose lakes, rivers, fishing piers, beaches, or even ponds. Remember to check if they are not private and if you can legally fish there. 

Get a Fishing License 

Nowadays, fishing licenses are required in most places. Be sure that you get one before you head to the water. Before your license will be issued, you might need to reply to a few questions, for example, if you plan to fish in fresh or salty water. 


Fishing has its etiquette that you should learn before going for your first catch. Always be respectful to other fishermen, the fish you catch, and of course, the nature that surrounds you. When you spot fellow fishermen on a bank, never crowd their spot. Keep as far away as possible. Always release fish that you cannot eat and leave the place without any traces. 

Check the local regulation book or local government websites to know if you can keep the fish you caught in the area. If it is limited to artificial lures, and so on. 

Know How to Identify Fish Species

Expanding your knowledge of fish species is very important when you start fishing. This way, you know if you follow your area’s regulations on which fish can be caught and which shouldn’t. Additionally, you will learn which bites are best and what is the best time to go fishing for particular species. 

Have in mind that there might be some regulations regarding a particular fish species’ size, bag limits, or even no-catch rules that apply depending on the season. 

Shop for a Rod and Reel 

A pre-spooled rod and reel combo is a great starter for all beginners. You can go to a local tackle store or outdoor retailer and ask for a recommendation on a rod and reel for beginners. Remember, that is all you need to start. With time, when you get more into it, you can change your rod for a stronger one that is dedicated to catching particular species, or even get more advanced gadgets such as fish finders. 

Use Live Bait 

While you can find a huge selection of artificial lures on the market, experts recommend that beginners start with natural bites. Natural bites are one of the most efficient and will help you to catch a fish in no time. Additionally, they are cheap or can even be free if you find them in nature, so they don’t add up much to your starting fishing costs. 

Ask Someone with More Experience 

As a beginner, you might be a bit confused regarding what to do. This is why it’s always good to ask for advice from someone who is a fishing expert. If you don’t have that kind of person amongst your friends and family, consider hiring a guide. Guides can share knowledge with you about a particular body of water and how to read it, advise on how to pick the lure, or even find new and better areas for fishing. 

Check Some YouTube Videos 

Whether you are starting fishing, crocheting, or music production, YouTube is a great source of free content that allows you to learn. If you want to expand your knowledge of various fish species, want to learn how to tie different knots, or even pick your rod, you can find helpful videos on this platform.