Hinckley Picnic Boat 40 S – 2022 FLIBS Preview

Hinckley Picnic Boat 40 S

With new SilentJet technology, the Picnic Boat 40 S (42′ LOA, 12′ 10″ beam) puts a fresh perspective on the most successful Hinckley series ever built. The SilentJet combines the silent running characteristics of electric propulsion and water jets while also allowing for diesel-powered performance. The completely automatic system seamlessly transitions between electric and diesel power depending on throttle input from the operator. The oversized battery eliminates the need for a loud generator. As a diesel-electric hybrid system, SilentJet reduces fuel consumption and noise pollution associated with diesel engines. The new JetStick 4 system on the Picnic Boat 40 S with water jets offers easy operation for all experience levels. Unlike propeller or outboard-driven vessels, Hinckley’s JetStick allows unlimited proportional control. hinckleyyachts.com

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