Great Lakes-Based Organization Launches Whitefish Initiative

A new campaign aims to demonstrate how commercially caught Great Lakes whitefish can be more fully used and help raise fish value. The Conference of Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers — a Chicago-based organization representing the Governors of the Great Lakes States and the Canadian Premiers of Ontario and Québec — launched its 100% Whitefish Initiative.

Dan Eichinger, director of the Michigan DNR, kicked off the initiative with a “head to tail” whitefish tasting organized by noted Detroit-area Executive Chef Doug Hewitt, in collaboration with Motor City Seafood Company.

The organization’s goal is to demonstrate how 100% of a whitefish can be used for different purposes and beyond just food. Organizers believe that a 100% fish strategy holds tremendous promise for the Great Lakes St. Lawrence region to more completely utilize caught fish, drive greater economic returns, create jobs and help develop rural economies.

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