Genoa furling is simplified

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Barton Marine’s new Stanchion Lead Block with Cleat is designed to simplify the control of a genoa furling line from the cockpit.

The product has been developed to enable a genoa line to be pulled in and cleated off in one simple action. 

It is mounted to a pushpit stanchion at the back of the yacht and in conjunction with Stanchion Lead Blocks along the length of the hull, the furling line is kept tidy and away from the main control lines. 

The free running, accessible Stanchion Lead Blocks allow for rapid deployment of the sail when required. 

The new Cleat version ensures that the line is easily secured when furling the sail in.

Barton is also launching its new 4:1 Vang complete control system kits.

Available in sizes 2, 3 and 5, each provides a ready to go vang system for yachts up to 35ft.

The kits can be used in conjunction with Barton’s Boomstruts.

Kit 02900 is for boats up to 20ft with a safe working load of 370kg. It includes 20ft of braided polyester line with a soft eye spliced in one end and size two fiddle blocks with becket, cams and swivel head.

The two larger kits (03900/05900) are for yachts up to 25 and 35ft.

They include fiddle blocks with becket, cam and snap shackle heads for easy installation, alongside appropriate lengths of line, handling loads up to 400kg and 750kg respectively.

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