Garmin Boat Switch


Garmin Boat Switch

Easily operate multiple circuits from your chart plotter. Courtesy Garmin

Garmin’s new Boat Switch is an all-in-one digital-switching solution that lets you operate up to 20 circuits right from your compatible Garmin GPSMap or EchoMap chart plotter instead of using physical buttons or switches. It offers four different switch types, including on/off for bilge pumps and nav lights, press-and-hold dimmers for cabin lights, momentary outputs for horns, and timers to circulate your livewell pumps. Plus, it provides built-in tank-sender detection and calibration for as many as four tanks—including fuel, water and graywater.

Thanks to 18-inch flying leads and in-the-box wire harnesses, the Garmin Boat Switch eliminates the need to purchase additional components and can be easily wired into the boat. Once installed, a switching page is automatically added to the chart plotter so boaters can position, name and remove switches in an easy-to-use interface. It installs without special tools and allows you to easily add and name switches on your chart-plotter display. $999.99;

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