Garmin Boat Switch Offers All-in-One Digital Switching

Garmin has announced its brand-new Garmin Boat Switch all-in-one digital switching solution that operates seamlessly with Garmin ECHOMAP and GPSMAP series chartplotters for easy control and operations of onboard functions.

This digital switching system replaces the need for conventional two-element systems — fuse box and switches — and offers boaters a way to digitally manage a variety of onboard electrical functions right from the chartplotter.

Offering control of up to 20 output circuits and seven sense inputs, boaters can manage lights, horns and livewell water pumps, and they can view data about their boat’s battery voltage, bilge pump operation and more. The Garmin Boat Switch can monitor up to four tanks, helping boaters regulate fuel levels and usage, or be mindful of when holding tanks should be emptied.

The Boat switch retails for $999.99 and is available at