Florida Red Snapper Season

Florida Red Snapper Season

Red snapper fishing in Florida is a fun and engaging sport, one that not only brings excitement, but results in excellent table fare for your next meal. Red snapper is fun to catch and wonderful to eat, which is why this is one of the most popular species in Florida. 

If you are going red snapper fishing this season, make sure you understand the 2022 Florida snapper seasons. 

When is Florida Snapper Season? 

In Florida, there are actually multiple red snapper fishing seasons, one in the summer and another, which is broken into multiple weekends, in the fall. 

Summer Season: June 17th – July 31st (2022)

The first season of red snapper fishing in Florida is during the summer. The season opens on Friday, June 17th, giving anglers a chance to catch their first red snappers over the weekend. The season then runs continuously through the rest of July, with the last day being Sunday, July 31st. This seems like a convenient ending to the summer season. Wrapping the season on the final day of the month is a clear stopping point; ending on a Sunday gives weekend anglers one last chance at summertime red snapper. 

Summer is often considered the best time for red snapper fishing. This is when spawning season begins, so fish tend to be active and hungry during June and July. The exact days when spawning activity begins depends on weather and water conditions, but most of the time the summer, overall, is a great time to fish for red snapper in Florida. 

Slotted Fall Seasons Throughout October and November

The fall 2022 red snapper season in Florida is broken into five different weekends. While this creates some complexity for fishing schedules, it also helps maintain a healthy red snapper population by limiting overall fishing pressure. 

The 2022 fall red Florida snapper season includes:

  • October 8th – 9th (Saturday and Sunday)
  • October 15-16 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • October 22-23 (Saturday and Sunday) 
  • November 11-13 (Veteran’s Day Weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • November 25-27 (Weekend after Thanksgiving, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Essentially, the fall red snapper season starts with back-to-back-to-back weekends beginning Saturday, October 8th. For three consecutive weekends, anglers in Florida can pursue red snapper in October. These three weekends only include Saturday and Sunday, not Friday.

The fall season then takes a break for two weekends. At this point, anglers have to wait almost three full weeks (18 days off) until red snapper fishing is allowed once again. But on Friday, November 11th, the season reopens for three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and re-opens again the following Friday with another three days of fishing. 

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