Fish Beer Friday – Northwoods Brewing Mac & Margie Double IPA

Just when I’d thought I’d found every fishy beer at my local liquor store, this gem appeared out of nowhere.  It appears Northwoods Brewing Co. has a whole line of fishy brews, which makes me happy. The first one we tested was their Mac & Margie Double IPA.

I don’t know who Mac and Margie are (were?), but it appears they had serious fishing skills, and they have been immortalized with their likenesses, hoisting huge salmon, on a beer can. How cool is that? Interestingly, this brewery has chosen to run two different labels, one featuring Mac and the other featuring Margie,  which I think is pretty nifty.  I must note that I was so mesmerized by the awesome packaging that I failed to notice the price tag. At $20 for a 4-pack, this is one of the most expensive fishy brews we’ve come across.

The beer has a nice hazy, golden-bronze color and pours with a moderate head. For a double IPA, it was sweeter than I expected; I would describe it as a peppery maltiness. It has a pretty high alcohol content, and it faintly reminded me of Colt 45.  Overall, it scored pretty well. Seven fishy taste-testers awarded it a final score of 7.3, higher than I expected, but I don’t know if I can say with good faith that this beer is worth the extravagant price tag.


“Wow! $20 for a 4-pack? ”

“Lil Sweet!”

“My new goal in like is to have my picture with a fish on a beer can.”

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