​​Finding Time for Fishing While in College

​​Finding Time for Fishing While in College

While in college, there are numerous activities for students to do. Starting from the on-campus activities like singing, dancing, and playing different kinds of sports. Also, a number of off-campus activities like internships, part-time jobs, research, and on-site projects. The one that rarely comes to mind when we talk about college is fishing. When we say fishing, what comes to mind is an old man sitting on the bench near the river and patiently waiting for the fishing rod to move. But what it actually is a very self-resistant, sophisticated, and sometimes physically challenging affair. We will talk about the kinds of it and maybe you could choose which one of them would suit you.

Whenever you are thinking about an extra activity, fishing would be a great option. It is suitable for all genders and tends to bring peace and concentration. Those are the exact features that would be useful in college. So there are really a few types of fishing to enjoy. The first one would be freshwater fishing. It is understandable from the title how this activity would go. It involves going into the open water like a lake, river, or sea and fishing directly from the boat. It could be quite challenging in terms of the prey you are aiming for. However, it is usually a much larger and tastier fish rather than from the shore. With that essay helper exists, for example, if you struggle to write an assignment on the type of fishing you used and preferred. Be aware that there are several regulations in different states you would need to pay attention to before planning an activity like that, some might require a license. I am sure there was homework coming from professors like writing an essay on what you did over the weekend.

The second type, as you might guess, is fishing from the shore. This is one of the most accessible and understandable kinds. It does not require any additional tool or knowledge, so is basically available for anyone, as long as you have tools (and a license, if needed in the particular area). Fishing from the shore is really like a picture from childhood: a little five-year-old is sitting next to his dad and patiently waiting for that fish to finally approach them. The moments like that unite and make the best memory for the future, so this young child in the picture could have the same experience with his own son thirty years later.

To expand the topic, there are many more extraordinary kinds of fishing we could talk about: hand-gathering – a very fun and yet complicated activity, also very unproductive for someone who is new at this. Ice fishing – the art of only fishing during wintertime in the middle of the frozen lake. Kayak fishing – which sounds like a lot of fun, but it is quite complicated to be staying in the kayak still till your first catch. One of the least beneficial types of fishing is commercial fishing. This is extremely dangerous for the fish population, especially the ones that are on the edge of extinction. Taking into consideration the seriousness of the topic, it could be highlighted in various classes starting from Law and ending in Biology. Such discussions could be pretty tense and complicated, so there is always an option of buying essays online at jpost.com to dive even deeper into the problem.  On one hand, as consumers, it totally benefits us to have a constant supply of fish. But if we put a little more care and consideration into it – it is extremely harmful to nature. It is completely okay for a stronger specimen to hunt the weaker one. But in commercial fishing, it is not the case at all. People are using tools for the mass catch which might cause some kinds of fish to never exist at all. There are several types of fish that are already in danger: Chilean seabass, sharks, bluefin tuna, orange roughy, shrimps, etc.

To sum it up, fishing is one unique activity. Sometimes, considering how much tolerance it requires, not everyone could handle it. But it is really worth it for every student to try. College time is a very dynamic and active time of life. We are very swooped with all the studying and projects. At the same time, we are trying to make the most out of it and party as much as we can. Gain as much experience as we can, to remember when we are old. But it is a lot of pressure on the person. So fishing would be the recommended activity to pause. To breathe in the fresh air, connect with nature and just relax. Afterward, it is much easier to proceed with the life-long run, with just little breaks.

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