Erie Poker Run Canceled—Returning With Original June Dates In 2023

Slated for September 30, the Erie Poker Run will not happen this year. Organizer Anthony Scioli of Elite Poker Runs, LLC, held off scrubbing the eighth annual Pennsylvania happening for as long as he could but confirmed this morning that the event is officially canceled.

Scrubbed for 2022, the eighth annual Erie Poker Run will be scheduled for June next year. Photo from the 2021 Erie Poker Run by Jeff Helmkamp copyright Helmkamp Photos.

A combination of lodging scarcity, pricing and participant procrastination forced Scioli to call off the run, which was moved from its original June dates to August in 2021 and, as noted above, scheduled for late September this year.

“People don’t book hotel rooms before the room block is cut off and hotels are busy with regional travel,” he explained. “Then I have boats registered with no rooms and not enough pre-registered boats to make it worthwhile.”

The Erie Poker Run typically attracts 30-plus boats from around the Northeast and Midwest.

Scioli, who lives in the Buffalo, N.Y., and operates three restaurants in the area, plans to return the event to its original June dates next year.

“That’s the plan,” he said. “June was always the best month for the Erie run—it gave people a reason to get their boats out of storage—and July and August are so busy with other events. We had a good turnout in August last year, but since we are producing the Buffalo Poker Run at its original location—we have the contract with Templeton Landing already signed—in August 2023, that month is out. June makes the most sense.”

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