Emily Jackson is your New Marketing Manager at Jackson Kayak 

Emily Jackson is your New Marketing Manager at Jackson Kayak 

Jackson Kayak, announced today, Emily Jackson to take over the role of Marketing Manager.

Emily will be responsible for the brand and all marketing activities to foster company growth on a global level. Emily has a vast experience in the paddle sports industry and has grown up within the sport of kayaking. For the last 10 years, she has been an important part of the Jackson marketing team, and the brand manager for the Whitewater division.

“As a member of the Jackson Kayak family, she has her finger on the pulse of the brand. We are very excited to see her take over this management role and help guide the brand forward. Her years of experience and deep involvement with the community present Jackson Kayak with a great opportunity to further build the marketing team.” – CEO Peter Hausen

As Marketing Manager for Jackson Kayak, Emily will be responsible for translating the company’s core values into marketing strategies that focus on Jackson Kayak’s key objectives; To keep innovating and to get more paddlers on the water.

Jackson Kayak’s mission statement continues to be: “To enable the best surf, the biggest catch, the exploration of every waterway, an enriched life, and lasting memories for all”

“Jackson Kayak has always been a huge part of my life; I am honored and excited to use my experience in the paddle sports market to engage our marketing team and further them along on our well established marketing strategy- to help more people have more quality time out on the water. As a team we are incredibly grateful for the guidance and inspiration we’ve had from our fellow employees, our dealers and you, our fellow paddlers.” – Emily Jackson

 About Jackson Kayak

Jackson Kayak was founded in 2004 and currently resides in Sparta, Tennessee with over 150 employees.  Jackson Kayak immediately became a leading Whitewater brand, then quickly evolved into the recreational and fishing kayak sectors. Jackson has since expanded their high-end kayak product line to include Orion Coolers.  These initiatives have Jackson Kayak reaching an ever-broadening array of outdoor enthusiasts world-wide. Jackson Kayak remains a family owned and operated company today and continues to be a Made in USA manufacturer supporting the local economy in Tennessee.


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Emily Jackson, Marketing Manager

Tel: +1-931-205-6582

Email: emily@jacksonkayak.com

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