Electric foiling boat enters UK market

Grosvenor Yachts is bringing the Candela Speed Boat to the UK and Ireland

Grosvenor Yachts has been appointed marketing ambassador for Candela Speed Boat in the UK and Ireland.

Designed and built in Stockholm, the hydrofoiling Candela Seven is an electric boat with speed and range on par with a fossil fuel boat.

A digital flight controller allows the boat to foil above the waves without rolling or heaving, even in strong sidewinds and choppy conditions.

The craft has a top speed of 30 knots and a range of 50 nautical miles at 22 knots, achieved, says Candela, through a patented hydrofoil system, that lifts the hull above the water’s surface and reduces hydrodynamic friction by 80% compared to a traditional planing hull.

When flying, an on-board computer adjusts the foils continuously to balance the craft to provide a stable boat that doesn’t roll or slam.

“The Candela Seven’s inherent excitement, boundless fun and seakeeping capabilities are intrinsic in its design,” said Charles Fowler, Grosvenor Yachts MD.

“Once experienced, it is hard to return to port as you carve out thrilling turns and fly above choppy waves and wakes from other vessels.”

Grosvenor Yachts has an office in central London and Falmouth in Cornwall.

Content extracted from https://www.boatingbusiness.com/news101/industry-news/electric-foiling-boat-enters-uk-market