Eco-Sistems: watermakers to suit all needs

The WATER-PRO COMPACT S-60 Photo: Eco-Sistems

Eco-Sistems watermakers are a range of efficient and environmentally-conscious watermakers for all types of watercraft.

The SPLASH range features four water desalinisation systems particularly suited to small vessels less than 12m in length and water tanks with a maximum capacity of 150 litres. The SPLASH-25 12V and SPLASH-25 24V watermakers produce between 25 and 30 litres per hour whilst the SPLASH-30S 12V and SPLASH-30S 24V models produce between 30 and 35.


The WATER-PRO COMPACT range features a 12V and 24V version capable of producing 60 litres per hour suitable for vessels between 12 and 14m in length and water tanks with a capacity between 100 and 300 litres. The S-90 versions product 90 litres per hour and are suitable for vessels over 14m in length and with water tanks with capacity between 200 and 500 litres.

Alternatively there is the MODULAR range in both the 60 and 90 litre sizes (12V and 24V). Alongside the S-60 and S-90 versions, there is also a basic B-60 model. All WATER-PRO models feature ST-15 ceramic high-pressure pumps.

For larger needs, the EFFICIENT range comprises four autonomous watermakers with an output from 200 to 4000 litres of potable water per hour depending on model. All feature the company’s patented energy-recovery system which reduces the power needed, and is said to use up to 80% less than comparable devices on the market.

The watermakers are available in the UK through IMP.

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