DutchCraft to Launch Electric Catamaran Dayboat


The builder behind the all-electric, carbon-fibre DC25 monohull is back with its first unit of the DC25 e-cat, set to be launched this month.

“The DC25 e-cat is the culmination of our search for an environmentally clean and exceptionally efficient electric dayboat that is rugged and adaptable enough to suit a wide range of activities,” says Sietse Koopmans, founder and owner of DutchCraft and sister company Zeelander Yachts. “With expert help, we ran extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tests and experiments to hone the most streamlined and energy-saving hull shape. We’re confident the DC25 e-cat is the most efficient 25-foot displacement yacht on the market.”

The all-electric catamaran dayboat is quiet and ultra-efficient, and can cruise in waters where conventional boats cannot go, like marine reserves and protected waters, thanks to its all-electric drivetrain and zero fumes and noise.

The DC25 e-cat has a 65 nautical mile range at 6 knots, with a top speed of 12 knots with a twin Torqeedo 12kW propulsion system. The first DC25 e-cat is set to be launched November, 2022.

“Whether exploring lakes, canals, fjords or coastlines, enjoying an active day swimming and diving, or relaxing to soak up the sunshine, the DC25 e-cat offers an exceptionally versatile platform, with silent cruising and minimal environmental impact,” adds Koopmans.

To learn more, visit dutchcraft.com.

Source: https://lakelandboating.com/dutchcraft-to-launch-electric-catamaran-dayboat/