Drawing Board: 100 Sunreef Power Eco

Drawing Board: 100 Sunreef Power Eco

Sunreef plans a luxury superyacht with green propulsion.

100 Sunreef Power Eco

Superyachts and sustainability are two terms that aren’t often combined. And while electric boats are growing increasingly popular, with new innovations resulting in longer ranges and better speeds, most of these vessels are still relatively small in size. However, Sunreef is joining companies like Silent Yachts in demonstrating that green power is now adaptable to larger vessels.

At almost 94 feet long with a 44-foot beam, the 100 Sunreef Power Eco catamaran is a true yacht by size, but with an eco-friendly touch compared to the original fossil-fuel-powered 100 Sunreef Power. Propulsion on this Polish-built vessel will come from two electric engines, which will provide near-silent cruising and a reported range of 3,500 to 4,000 nautical miles. Max speed for the vessel is a reported 17 knots with an 8-knot “eco” speed.

The electric engines and all amenities on board will be powered by the boat’s battery bank, which can be plugged into shore power or recharged by the composite-integrated solar panels built into the yacht’s hulls and superstructure. According to Francis Lapp, CEO of Sunreef, the solar panels can completely recharge the batteries in one day, while they can recharge in 6 to 8 hours when connected to shore power. It is even possible to install wind turbines on the yacht as an alternate recharging option.

“Most of the inquiries we receive today are for electric yachts,” Lapp explains. “The target [for this yacht] is an increasingly aware clientele, more and more focused on making the yachting experience more responsible.”

The 100 Sunreef Power Eco has five guest cabins aboard, as well as crew cabins. On the main deck is a large galley, salon, dining area and gym. The bridge features oversized sunbeds, a bar and jacuzzi. According to Lapp, the layout is fully customizable, as are the finishes, which is another area where the company is reportedly focusing on sustainability.

The 100 Power Eco will ride on a fiberglass/GRP hull that has been adapted for electric power and holds a CE certification class A, meaning it is suitable for open ocean cruising. Has Sunreef broken down the barrier between luxury cruising on larger vessels and sustainability? The future looks promising.

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