Do you set goals and objectives?

Chris Jones is the founder of the Knot Agency

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In a Harvard Business School study on goal setting and success, 84% did not have goals, 13% had goals in their mind, whilst only 3% had written goals.

Unsurprisingly the study went on to discover that the most successful participants by far, were those who had solid written goals.

It is all too easy to go through the working day being hugely busy, but not actually achieving anything to help you move forwards if you do not have a focus to spend time working towards. Getting caught up in the moment can be detrimental to future success.

January 2019 has already disappeared, so if you have not set any goals now is the time to get thinking. Better still, writing…

SMART goals ensure the best chance of success, but what does that mean?

Specific – Focus on exactly what you want the outcome to be.

Measurable – Ensure you have a clear definition of success, so you can analyse your achievements.

Achievable – Set yourself a challenge, but make sure that there is still a reasonable chance of achieving it.

Relevant – Is your goal worthwhile? Is the desired outcome a priority for you and how does it fit with your overall strategy?

Time Bound – A goal with no time restriction is not really a goal. Deadlines provide excellent motivation.

Set your goals for 2019 today and stick them somewhere visible for you to see on a daily basis. Give yourself the best chance of a really successful year.

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