Defender Industries Named Official TEMO U.S. Dealer


TEMO, the French manufacturer of the first portable, electric-powered outboard motor the TEMO.450, is entering the U.S. market three years after the successful launch of its motor in Europe.

Defender Industries has been named as the official U.S. Dealer of TEMO, and the TEMO.450 will debut at the Annapolis Sailboat Show October 13-17, 2022. “Since Defender began offering electric motors over 10 years ago, the demand for clean, safe and efficient propulsion has grown significantly. The TEMO.450 brings a new power option for small tenders and boats to the table. One that is lightweight, stows easily and is easy to operate,” shares Defender managing director Stephan Lance. 

Designed for dinghies, tenders and small boats, the portable system includes a 450W motor, 110V charger, rowlock fitting kit and a security device, and weighs just under 11 pounds. It has won several awards, including the METSTRADE Connect 2020 DAME innovation winner and the 2022 Pittman Innovation Awards. 

“Everyone at TEMO is very excited to be working with Defender Industries, with their expertise in the US market, in sales and the importing of tech products,” says TEMO co-founder Alexandre Seux. “We have big ambitions and know that American sailors and outdoor enthusiasts are passionate and concerned about climate change. We offer a carbon-free solution for dinghies and inland waters small craft and we are happy to be working with Defender to help them sail greener.” 

“The North American market alone represents as much as the entire European market. This is a huge opportunity for TEMO,” adds Justine Perussel, co-founder and sales managing director. “We are currently working on a second electric-powered engine to expand our range, the TEMO.1000, which will be available in Europe in 2023 and in the US from 2024. This is exciting and we are very much looking forward to equipping all small boats with our products.” 

The TEMO.450 is priced at $1,699.00. To learn more, visit or