Cyclops enters the sportsboat market

Cyclops smarttune takes the guesswork out of sailing Photo: Cyclops

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Cyclops Marine has unveiled the latest addition to its smart range—the smarttune 5/16” – designed specifically for sports and day boats.

Using the wireless technology developed in partnership with INEOS TEAM UK, the 5/16” compresses load sensing into the most compact size possible and is optimised for low weight and low windage.

smarttune records sailing data allowing settings to be fine-tuned, eliminating guesswork and negating natural variation in conditions and performance. The sensors are designed to easily replace the existing turnbuckle, feeding forestay load data to a smartphone via Bluetooth, or boat displays via an NMEA2000 Gateway and cable.

Achieve your fastest settings

smarttune allows sailors to view rig loads in-race and in real-time, making adjustments and maximising speed. This not only helps sportsboat sailors achieve their fastest settings, but to repeat them across variable wind ranges, aided by the Cyclops app and its dynamic logging feature.

The app combines load data with GPS allowing users to make comparisons between boat speed and trim, invaluable for upwind trimming and identifying the impact of forestay tension.

Backstay and mainsheet load have a large impact on the total rig-load transferring through the forestay; the forestay load affecting jib shape, mast compression, and in turn, mainsail shape. Cyclops technology can help find the balance between achieving maximum forestay load without over-compressing, bending the mast and starving the mainsail out.

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