Crewsaver Embraces New Processes to Reduce Environmental Impact

Crewsaver Embraces New Processes to Reduce Environmental Impact


Lifejacket manufacturer Crewsaver is implementing a new shift in the design and production of its life jackets to embrace a more environmentally conscious approach, starting with its new-for-2023 EXO lifejackets showcased at Metstrade in Amsterdam in November, which will adopt a three-pronged approach to decrease environmental impact.

Users will have the ability to extend the product’s lifespan through a unique modular design that allows the cover to easily be changed, reducing waste. Crewsaver will also eliminate plastic in its packaging, offering a biodegradable alternative that offers no-trace packagings and causes no harm to marine ecosystems.

Finally, updated supply chain and production models will move away from large stocks of finished goods to an assembly model closer to high-demand markets, improving delivery times and reducing product overstock and use of material and transport.

“Optimising our commitment to the environment and product sustainability has always been important to us at Crewsaver, and I’m delighted to be able to scale sustainable change across our product portfolio, starting with our packaging, supply chain and modular product design,” explains Crewsaver general manager David Duffin.

“Waste is overwhelming our planet, and without action, our oceans and waterways will be filled with more plastic than fish in years to come. A circular product lifecycle offers an alternative and more sustainable approach. We will keep innovating and working with our partners to deliver real change and benefits for our customers and our environment.”

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