COVID-19: Princess shuts down all sites

Princess Yachts has shut down its operations in response to COVID-19 Photo: Princess Yachts

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Princess Yachts has shut down all its sites in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A statement issued on the company’s Twitter feed on 24 March said that the health and safety of employees was of paramount importance and that a safe and orderly shutdown of all sites would begin immediately.

The company will ‘furlough’ a significant number of employees but reassures workers that they will remain on the Princess payroll rather than being laid off.

Critical safety operations

A very limited number of employees will continue working to perform critical safety operations to ensure sites are shut safely but social distance protocols will be in place and strictly adhered to.

All Princess employees able to work from home are currently doing so.

“We champion the government’s efforts in response to COVID-19 and encourage all staff to comply with Public Health England advice to ensure we can eventually return to normal operations after these challenging times,” said the company.

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