Coming To The Miami Boat Show: Neumann’s Nor-Tech 400SS ‘Bridge Boat’

Coming To The Miami Boat Show: Neumann’s Nor-Tech 400SS ‘Bridge Boat’


New Products: Coming To The Miami Boat Show: Neumann’s Nor-Tech 400SS ‘Bridge Boat’


Earlier this week, Minnesota’s Jesse and Stephanie Neumann sold their Nor-Tech 500 Sport center console. The 50-foot beauty painted by Stephen Miles Design and outfitted with five Mercury Racing 450R V-8 outboard engines was the first to be built and—as well documented on—driven by Stephanie Neumann’s desire to have something larger than their Nor-Tech 450 sport for trips to the Bahamas.

Stephen Miles Design is currently applying the clear cote to the Neumann’s Nor-Tech 400SS, which will be the centerpiece of the company’s display at the Miami International Boat Show in February.

The Neumann’s have another 500 Sport coming and slated for delivery next fall, but knowing there likely would be a large gap between the sale of their original 50-footer and their next one, they wisely ordered what Jesse Neumann laughingly described as a ‘bridge boat.’ And that boat, which currently is being painted by Stephen Miles and company at his Owensboro, Ky., shop, will be showcased at the 2023 Miami International Boat Show.

“The paintjob for the 400SS is a little more ‘aggressive’ than usual for us, but it’s still elegant and not too busy,” said Jesse Neumann. “When Stephen paints our next 50, that will be a little more toned down, classy and reserved.

“What I love most about working with him is his attention to detail,” he added. “There’s nothing like it.”

The 40-footer is the second Nor-Tech Stephen Miles Design has painted for the couple.

“We stuck with a classic and timeless color combo, but I really wanted this paint job to have areas with much more depth and intricacy than previous ones—yet still have that nice blend of sport and elegance that we always try to achieve with our high end luxury center console projects,” he explained. “When I can design a paint design to have the proper impact from a distance, yet give you lots of cool details to appreciate up close and at the docks, that’s when I know it’s mission accomplished.”

Nor-Tech is delivering a 400SS center console to another client next week. The Neumann’s boat will be the Fort Myers, Fla., company’s third 400SS delivery and it is the fourth boat Nor-Tech has built for the couple. The 500 Sport coming next fall will their fifth.

Said Neumann, “What I love most about working with him is his attention to detail. There’s nothing like it.”

“We are delighted to be building Stephanie and Jesse Neumann another masterpiece,” said Henrik Margård, Nor-Tech’s chief operating officer. “The 400 Super Sport is a show-stopper in itself and Stephen Miles has somehow made the boat look even more impressive—though we’ve only seen pictures so far it looks absolutely stunning. We certainly appreciate Stephen’s craftsmanship and feel that there is great synergy between the two companies.”

The only question remaining? Which Mercury Racing outboard engines will power the 40-footer?

“Come to Miami and find out,” said Geoff Tomlinson, Nor-Tech’s dealer manager.

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