BRP Reveals New Sea-Doo Electric Hydrofoil


BRP is taking its innovation to new markets with the introduction of the all-new electric Sea-Doo Rise hydrofoil board, in addition to its new Can-Am all electric motorcycle lineup. While working to electrify its current product lines, the company is also looking to enter new markets with exciting new electric products.

“With the Sea-Doo Rise, BRP is leveraging its expertise to address an untapped market category and further position the company for future growth,” says José Boisjoli, president and CEO of BRP. “We have set out to be the key actor in growing and democratizing the hydrofoiling watersport industry. In true BRP fashion, we designed a product that is easy to use and adaptable for all skill levels, making it accessible for all those seeking to rise above the water.”

Expected to be available mid-2024, the Sea-Doo Rise offers a unique experience and fun for the entire family, with a board that provides a variety of riding positions and even transforms as riders gain experience, so you don’t have to start out advanced foiling.

Simple and easy to use, the Sea-Doo Rise is accessible and easy to charge, with a retractable handlebar to help riders gain confidence.

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