Best in category for Harken

Harken’s CLR winch is lighter and smaller than its predecessors

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Harken’s CLR mooring winch won best product award in the deck equipment, sails and rigging category of the 2018 DAME Awards.

The pop-up winch is now being installed as an option on at least three MFGrs offerings. B-J, Solaris and X-Yachts with more on the way.

The winch is flush to the deck when not in use stowing completely below deck, offering weight and space saving over predecessor models.

The CLR incorporates five aluminium columns that rotate together around a centre axis. Working together, they create a very light drum that Harken says provides substantially more line-holding power and low-speed torque than would be available using a traditional drum.

The CLR also has internal LED lights at the bottom of each column for use in low-light mooring situations.

Harken has produced two versions: 600kg max pulling force for boats from 13.7m -18.2m and 1200kg for boats from 18.2m – 27.4m. It is available in 12 or 24 volt electric or hydraulic power.

The flush deck plates are available in aluminium, chrome or wood grain finishes. It is suitable for both sail and power yachts.

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