Bass Angler Magazine 2023 Summer Issue

Bass Angler Magazine 2023 Summer Issue

2023 Summer Issue  BASS ANGLER MAGAZINE – BAM – The #1 Source for Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

Let’s just nip this in the bud right now: Summertime post-spawn fishing does not need to be frustrating, so says this issue’s cover angler Edwin Evers. And he should know. Read along as Evers debunks the myths surrounding the post-spawn.

Has casting 10-inch worms ever intimidated you? For many anglers, such a large presentation can be difficult to trust. And as we all know, confidence in a technique comprises most of the battle toward success. Scotty Peterson offers some helpful advice.

Is noise in the boat detrimental or a good thing? Is there such a thing as positive noise? Mike Iaconelli weighs in on what might be helpful or negative vibrations while fishing.

Chris Lane discusses fishing offshore, Scott Martin highlights the details of forward-facing sonar, Fred Roumbanis gets froggy, and Brent Chapman explains the virtues of eliminating history.

All these helpful articles and more can be found in BAM’s Summer 2023 issue.

Bass Angler Magazine 2023 Summer Issue Table of Contents

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