At the Helm: A new era of Top 100

At the Helm: A new era of Top 100

By Adam Quandt

In 2004, Boating Industry unveiled the Top 100 Dealers program as an effort to independently rank and recognize the best boat dealers across North America. With the industry’s help and support, the Top 100 program has grown to unimaginable heights and celebrated marine retailers across the continent over 17 years.

Moving into year 18, our industry continues to navigate new challenges and thrive in unprecedented successes every day. Across every segment we continue to evolve every day to meet new customer demands and help everyone make new memories on the water.

And as our industry has evolved over the years, so has Boating Industry. Now, the Top 100 Awards program truly reflects that growth.

Boating Industry’s Top 100 Awards now honor and celebrate the best of the best across every segment of the marine industry. Made up of the 40 Under 40, Women Making Waves and of course, the Top 100 Dealers, the Top 100 Awards are truly made up of the industry’s elite and highlights their hard work and accomplishments.

These editorial-based awards programs are designed to recognize and celebrate the best-of-the-best among the recreational boating industry and to share best practices and benchmarking data with the entire universe of marine industry professionals.

As you thumb (or click) through the pages of this issue of Boating Industry you’ll find some of the best practices of the industry’s Top Dealers, profiles on retailers excelling in a particular area of business with this year’s Best in Class Awards, spotlights on the 2022 40 Under 40 and Women Making Waves, and of course, a little about this year’s Dealer of the Year, Regal & Nautique of Orlando.

The various Top 100 Award winners from all of the programs are those that are carrying our industry into the future across all segments and we at Boating Industry are honored to celebrate all of you.

It is our hope that the programs under the Top 100 Awards umbrella continuously provide inspiration across the recreational marine industry to strive for nothing but the best across our entire industry. We hope that these awards provide a learning opportunity for each and every organization and individual involved to bring best practices into your business and life. Through a team effort across the board, we will be able to continuously push our amazing industry to new heights and provide exceptional on-the-water experiences to a whole new generation of boaters.


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