Allen invests in prototyping

The Makerbot Method X will allow Allen to print in different materials

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UK hardware manufacturer, Allen, has invested in a new manufacturing workstation – the Makerbot Method X – to assist with rapid product prototyping and testing.

“Allen was one of the early adopters of the 3D printing technology and this investment shows a progression in technology as the company is replacing their existing 3D printing machine due to the demand for quicker and stronger 3D prints from the in-house design team,” said Ben Harden sales and marketing for Allen.

“The wide range of materials will allow for stronger, more reliable parts to be manufactured, resulting in better and more accurate testing results.”

The Makerbot Method X will allow for the company to print in multiple materials including ABS, PVA, nylon and PETG carbon fibre.

Ben added: “Coupling this with quicker print times will also benefit the customers of Allen, as lead times to get their hands on a sample product will be reduced and the result will be more reliable and accurate than ever before.”

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